Pollution-Checking-Machines should be mandatory at all automobile-workshops

Pollution-checking of automobiles is a very necessary aspect for environmental reasons. But present system of installing pollution-checking-centres at select petrol-pumps and imposing fines for vehicles not having valid pollution-checking-certificates is not at all sufficient. Pollution caused by automobiles can and should be effectively checked by making it compulsory for all registered automobile-workshops to install machines to provide pollution-checking-certificates. It may be made mandatory for each automobile workshop to compulsory check pollution of every vehicle each time vehicle goes to the automobile-workshop. Rather such pollution-checking-service and certificate can be provided free-of-cost by automobile-workshops because it is not very costly. Presently if a vehicle fails in pollution-checking at pollution-checking-centre, then it has to be first taken to some automobile-workshop, and then again driven to pollution-checking-centre with cycle repeated till vehicle passes pollution-checking test. Already Maruti-workshops are providing such service at all their service-centres, a service which should be made compulsory for service-centres of all automobile-companies. It will also avoid corruption at some pollution-checking-centres which issue certificates to vehicles passed pollution-check after charging some extra than the prescribed fees by Transport Department.


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