Maulik Bharat

About Maulik Bharat

Maulik Bharat is a newly established but quite experienced confederation of peoples and organizations of different classes to reinvent and reestablished our prestigious Indian character in the people’s life. It is very unfortunate that the honest leaders, righteous purposes, clear-cut strategies and strong willpowers are far away today from the transforming Diaspora of India and rest of the world, So, in this consequence, after being observed a hopeless and dissatisfied environment from the authorized system and movements of various civil societies, some qualitative people has come forward to break this enigma. They have organized to clear about the actual needs and its way of provision to the peoples and nation.

Why Maulik Bharat

The country has faced many conspiracies designed to bring extensive change during the last two decades. Today, the nexus of multinational companies, Indian corporate, political parties, church and international NGOs, active with the logistic support of some developed countries, have converted the country into a ‘swelling democracy’. This all has been done under a well-calculated conspiracy, hatched in the name of consumerism, liberalisation and capitalism.

The fact is that India has been converted into a dumping ground of the old and discarded foreign technology along with the arms, drugs, pornography and gambling (satta). The open economy has lethally tried to ruin our culture, cultural values, heritage, rural agro-based industries, cooperative system, joint family system, education, health and the languages. The governments have only looted the national resources, especially the mineral resources. The economy is afflicted with falling prices. Unemployment is at its height. Only 20 lakh jobs could be created during the last ten years, whereas the population increased up to 25 crore.

The trade has reduced from 20 to 25 per cent, but by artificially hiking the inflation and using fake statistics, a misleading and completely fake picture of growth is being portrayed before the countrymen. About 15 to 20 per cent middle class people have slipped into the lower middle class or lower class status during the last one decade. For the last four years, the country’s industrialists have invested not even a single penny in the country. All their money is being invested into Africa, Europe and the US, etc. The money, which coming into the country in the name of foreign investment through Mauritius or Singapore route, is basically the black money stashed away by some Indians abroad. The genuine economy of the country is hardly one fourth of the black economy. The cocktail of power and industrialists is openly looting the country.

We are the citizens of a country where anarchy prevails everywhere and crimes are the order of the day. The task of preserving the modesty and self-respect of women, old age and children has become a major challenge. Separatism, communalism, terrorism and regionalism dominate in every sector. Relations with the neighbouring counties are worst and all the time there is tension on the border. Military expenses are skyrocketing. Election or migration of people can always be seen taking place in any of the part of the country. The political parties have been converted into some gangs dominated by families, where internal democracy is at its lowest level.

The common man has failed to meet the basic needs like bread, house, education, health, employment and justice. The countrymen have lost self-respect and the country is fast converting into a slum. There is no effective mechanism for balancing the natural and environmental imbalance. The Constitutional bodies are ineffective and their dignity is repeatedly hit. The country is being run on the pattern of feudal and Mughal system, where only sycophancy dominates. The constitutional structure needs immediate overhauling. There is grave tension between the states and the Centre. There is dire need of rethink over it. The reconstitution of states seems eminent. The decentralisation of power as well as the resources also seems must. But the polity seems reluctant to all these issues. The country has become heaven for the agents, gamblers and big traders. The multifarious development of the country is being ignored. In all such challenging circumstances we demand that: