Aims & Objective

The aims and objectives of the Maulik Bharat are as under

The Basic Aim is also the Inspirational Motto of the Organization that is to see its own country (BHARAT) as Fully Developed, Well Cultured, Healthy, Wealthy, Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic and to make efforts for all its people to secure Social, Economic and Political Justice; Liberty of Religion, Speech, Expression, Faith, Worship, Work and Profession; Equality of Status and Opportunity and to promote among them all Fraternity assuring the Dignity of the individual and the Unity & Integrity of the nation so that each individual of the country can feel proud to be an Indian.

1. To aware and protect the general public about their consumer rights and guide them to get rid of cheating, misrepresentation, malfunctioning or other unfair trade practices of the market.

2. Take up such matter through representation or taking appropriate legal actions as may be deemed fit from time to time such as by filing PIL, consumer complaints, lodging compliant before marketing commission and other available measures as per law.

3. Seeking details through RTI and high light in general for the awareness of Masses.

4. To raise the issue of victimize persons and take up such grievance in general public, Central Government, State Government, Undertakings agencies and other relevant authorities and due help can be provided to such aggrieved person by agitating/conducting their cases through this organized Organization.

5. To do all works, deed and things within the parameter of Law in the interest of public in general and make efforts to bring justice to the persons unable to raise his issue or agitate his matter before the appropriate court of law for any reason what so ever it may be.

6. To educate the deprived communities, groups, poor people, persons of below poverty line, villagers, cultivators, minorities, backward, tribes and other needy persons about social evils, superstitions, health & sanitation, disease, environment through various means and methods of communication such as personal meeting, arranging nukkar natak (short drama/ plays), electronic media, TV Serials, documentary films, display of literature, articles or by taking help from already existing societies, NGO, Social Workers, Psychologist, Doctors, Professionals, Renowned Celebrities beside all other helps which may be available from time to time.

7. To spread general awareness about serious problems like Population, Pollution, Unemployment, Disastrous Condition, Poverty, Sanitation, Health & Disease like-Aids, Leprosy, T.B, Dengue, Malaria, Swine Flue and other problems arises time to time with the objective of their prevention, precautions and tacklement.

8. To provide training to the members of the Organization to impart general awareness about social evils, superstitions, health & sanitation, environment & other problems and methods to overcome them.

9. To adopt and rehabilitate helpless, beggars, orphans, abused, poor, handicapped, chronic disease affected and such other children of similar problems.

10. To rehabilitate the widows, victimized, discarded, helpless and destitute female in the Organization and provide them financial, social, political & moral support and essential training to start their own work to make them self-depended and self-relianced to lead a better life in the Organization.

11. To make efforts for women empowerment by providing the opportunity for their educational, social, economical, mental & physical development. To safeguard & protect the basic rights of women and old age persons as may be necessary and possible to co-operate with the Government and Voluntary Agencies of similar aims and objectives.

12. To make efforts and ensure social economical and educational development of ignored, victimized, deprived, helpless, women, children, backwards and other suffering persons in the Organization specially of rural areas through out the country and abroad irrespective of caste, creed, color, community, region, religion, sex or language.

13. To establish, maintain, manage and promote small centers or contact points through out the country to aware the public about human rights and common problems of Organization like drinking water, shelter, pollution, poverty, corruption, begging, unemployment, intoxic addiction.

14. To publish, sale and distribute books, journals, periodicals, bulletins, leaflets, brochures, newspapers and other publications in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Organization.

15. To co-operate and affiliate with any other Organization, institution or organization of similar objects and exchange information with other bodies throughout the country and advance any other objects of general public utility.

16. To provide basic knowledge and to aware about all resources of advance technology, small scale/cottage industry, business specially designed for the rural, poor and uneducated persons through various means of media, group discussions, short picture stories, documentaries, nukkar dramas, personal follow-up programs or through school, colleges, institutions, organizations etc.

17. To support other agencies/training centers, NGO, institutions carrying out work for physically and mentally challenged persons like deaf / blind and the mute persons and encourage and promote sports and sporting activities.

18. To accept gift, grant, donation, subscription, loan or fee from Individuals, Industrialist, Institutions, NGO, Central Government, State Government with or without security of the properties of the Organization towards raising any fund in order to accomplish the objects of the Organization and to keep liaison with various programmes of Institutions, NGO, Village Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti, Zila Panishad, Government Authority, NGO and other donor agencies working with the same purposes.

19. To appoint or employ, temporarily or permanently, any person or persons and to pay them or other deputed or seconded persons for services rendered to the Organization. Such salaries, wages, gratuities. Provident Funds and pensions, and to introduce and implement welfare schemes including but not limited to superannuating housing schemes for the benefit of such persons as the Organization may, on its behalf, determine.

20. To enter into any arrangement with any similar Organization/ trust/ Institution, Company, body incorporate or any individual for the purpose of achieving and/or advancement of aims and objects of the Organization.

21. For the purpose of the Organization to draw, accept, make endorse, discount and negotiate Government and other promissory notes, bills of exchange, cheques or other negotiable instruments.

22. To initiate legal proceedings or defend and take all necessary action for the protection of the legitimate rights, interest and work of the Organization, organize road and charity shows for Organization’s development programs and undertake extensive study on various technologies and imply those ways and means to adopt the same in the Indian circumstances.

23. To do all such acts, deed and things in order to achieve the aims and objects stated hereinabove and or may be deemed necessary, incidental or conductive to the attainment of all or any of the above aims and objects and purposes of the Organization.