1. We support purely nation based Bharatiyata

2. We are not sponsored by any political party or force

3. We are active in the field of national reconstruction in our respective areas at our own levels

4. We are un-egoistic and social service is not a profession for us

5. We believe that all these problems can be resolved only through collective efforts

6. We agree to the vision document of Maulik Bharat Abhiyan, while preserving our respective identities

7. We would include the Logo of Maulik Bharat Abhiyan in the publicity material of our organisations and would also match the aims and objectives of our organistaions as per the Maulik Bharat Abhiyan

8. We will help this campaign with our full might—body, mind and money, as is the need

9. We will try to change the political issues and the atmosphere through our collective efforts and will also endeavour that the next elections are conducted on or around the issues raised by us

10. We will always endeavour to materialise the decisions taken by the central committee of the Maulik Bharat Abhiyan.