Rules & Regulations


The name of the Organization shall be “MAULIK BHARAT”

The registered office of the Organization shall remain in the National Capital Region of Delhi and presently it is located at the following address- 306/A, 37,38,39, Third Floor, Ansals Building, Commercial Complex, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi -110009. The Local / Regional offices of the Organization can be created from time to time as per need.


The aims and objectives of the Organization are as under-

The Organization shall have the following type of Members-
Founder Members:The first members of the Organization signing the Memorandum of Association shall be the Founder Members of the Organization and shall remain its member till their lifetime unless they voluntarily retire from the Organization or become incapable to hold the membership of the Organization as specified in the Rules and Regulations of MAULIK BHARAT. There are only 10 founder members in the Organization namely-

  1. Nominated Members: Nominated by the Founder Members with their anonymous decision.
  2. Honorary Members: Appointed by founder members on the recommendation of Governing Council
  3. Selected Members: Selected on the basis of their work & achievements laterly.
  4. PATRON/ Advisor: Organization shall nominate the intellectual or learned persons as Patron(s) of the Organization time to time.


The membership of the Organization shall be open to any person who has attained the age of majority i.e. 18 years and is not of unsound mind and not involve in any criminal cases and fulfill the terms and condition of the Organization but subject to the approval of the Executive Council of the MAULIK BHARAT. The Organization can ask applications to provide other type of membership from time to time. Executive Council shall have the right to determine the ability, subscription fee or right to vote in the election of Organization for the new members. The admission fee and subscription shall be as under unless otherwise revised by the Executive Council of the Maulik Bharat.

(a) Membership fee: Rs. 1000/- per month for Central/ State Council Member

(b) Membership fee: Rs. 500/- Per month for District level Council Member.

G. CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall be ceased in the following events

  1. If the member resigns.
  2. If the member does not pay the annual subscription continuously for two years.
  3. If the member is adjudged insolvent or of unsound mind or convicted of an offence, which in the opinion of the Executive Council involves moral turpitude.
  4. If the member dies.
  5. If the Member’s activities are harmful and/or pre-judicial to the interest of the Organization. No membership fee shall be charged from the members
  6. The membership of any person may be terminated at any time by a resolution of the Executive Council of the Organization.


  1. The Organization shall maintain a register containing the names, addresses and occupations of its members and register shall be open to inspection by any member, free of charge and any member may take extracts there from.
  2. Members are entitled to get notices of the General Meetings and attend the meetings.
  3. Members are entitled to get their Identity Card on submission of fee to the Organization.

I. SUPPLY OF DOCUMENTS: Every member of the Organization shall be entitled to get, on application, following document of the Organization, free of cost –

  1. Memorandum of Association of the Organization.
  2. Rules & Regulations (Bye-laws) of the Organization.

J. GENERAL BODY: All the members of the MAULIK BHARAT shall constitute the General Body of the Organization.


  • Notice: Minimum 15 days notice shall be given to the members before the date of commencement of General Body Meeting, enclosing agenda specifying the Date, Time, Place and issue to be discussed.
  • Meeting: General Body meeting shall be held once in every month regularly.
  • Emergency Meeting: An emergency meeting of the General Body can be called for at any time if it becomes necessary for the overall interest of the Organization by given a short notice of 48 hours before commencing the meeting.
  • Quorum: The quorum of the General Body meeting shall be 1/3rd (One third) of the total strength of the General Body members of the Organization.


  1. The Elected members from the General Body of the Organization will constitute the Executive Council of the Organization.
  2. The affairs of the Organization shall be managed and controlled by an Executive Council of the Organization. The Executive Council of the Organization shall consist of Founder Members, elected Nominated Members and Elected Honorary Members.
  3. The strength of the Executive Council (including office bearers and Executive members including honorary members) shall not be less than 7 and not more than 15 members.
  4. Any casual vacancy occurring in the Executive Council by reason of death, resignation, disqualification, removal or any other reason, will be filled by the Majority decision of Founder members.
  5. The Term of the every Executive Council shall be of Five Years.
  6. To constitute ‘Advisory/Arbitration Committee’ to resolve the crisis. Such committee will give suggestion only to the Executive Council but Council shall be free to decide about the suggestion of the Advisory Committee on related issues.
  7. To appoint election officer & determine his rights.


  1. The member is found to be of unsound mind by a Court of competent jurisdiction.
  2. The member is convicted by a Court of any offence involving moral turpitude and sentenced in respect thereof to imprisonment for not less than six months.
  3. The member is adjudged insolvent.

VACANT MEMBERSHIP: Any vacancy in the membership of MAULIK BHARAT caused by any of the reasons stated above thereof shall be filled by the Executive Council on adhoc basis till the remaining period of such person whose membership have been vacated due to any reason. The person so appointed may work as active member till the remaining tenure of the said member so vacated.


National Convener

Every meeting of the Board of Governors shall be presided over by the Convener/ President and in his absence by any of the national executive committee of the executive.

National Executive Convener :

When the Convener/ President is unable to discharge his duties/ function owing to absence, illness or any other reason, the Vice Present shall discharge his function until the date on which the Convener/ President resumes his duties. In the event of the occurrence of any vacancy in the office of the Convener/ President by reason of his death, resignation or removal, or otherwise, the vice Convener/ President shall act as Convener/ President until the date on which a new Convener/ President is elected.

National Coordinator/ General Secretary

The daily operations, general direction, co-ordination and supervision of the Organization will be managed by the General Secretary. The General Secretary shall report to the Convener, Subject to the Rules. The General Secretary shall in all matter under his charge, have power as may be given to him from time to time by the National Executive Council. He may in writing delegate and/ or sub-delegate such of the powers as he may consider necessary to other officials/ member (s) of the Organization and shall apprised about his decision to the Convener immediately and to the board in next meeting. The General Secretary shall be responsible for the maintenance of all records of the Organization, including agenda, minutes of the proceedings of the Executive Council and compliance of other statutory requirements. He shall perform such other function as may be assigned by the National Executive Council.

Executive Members:

The executive members of the National Executive Council shall support the office bearer and shall do all the works in the over all interest of the Organization.


The tenure of office bearers shall be for three years. The office bearers shall be elected amongst the Founder Members and nominated members by the majority of votes. The period of office bearer shall be for three years and before completing the three years, the Secretary shall organize election to elect office bearer and member of Executive Council and shall hand over the charge to the newly elected members.
The tenure of Executive Council shall also be for three years. The members of Executive Council and office bearers may be re -elected by the 2/3 majorities of members of the Organization (both founder members and nominated members). The Honorary members shall have no right to participate in the election.

Voting: Each member except honorary members shall have one vote to cast his right. Members may vote in person or through their representatives, duly authorized in writhing, present at the meeting. The written authority, authorizing the representative shall be deposited with the Secretary before the commencement of the meeting. Voting shall be by show of hands unless a secret ballet is demanded by a Member and duly agreed to by the National Coordinator in which case the secret ballot shall be conducted within 24 hours or within such time as may be unanimously agreed by all those present in the meeting.

Casting vote: The Convener/ Executive Convener/ National Coordinator of the Organization shall have the right of a Casting vote (veto power) that he can use as per his discretion to decide any issue as and when required.


  1. The Executive Council shall meet at least twice in a month to transact such business in connection with the management of the Organization as may be considered expedient and/or necessary for which requisite agenda shall be circulated to the members of the Body.
  2. The Executive Council may also constitute such sub-committees of its members as it deems fit from time to time for carrying out the aims and objects of Organization. The Convener of the Organization shall be the chair person of Executive Council in the absence of the National Coordinator, any meeting shall be preside by the Sr. Most member of the Organization so elected by the members of the body.


  1. The Executive Council may meet from time to time as they may deem fit for which a notice of at least seven days shall be given. One third of the total number of members at any time in the Executive Council shall constitute the quorum or three members whichever is higher. Any fraction contained in one third being rounded off as one. It will be essential to have at least one person each from Founder Members and Nominated members in each meeting to constitute the quorum. In the absence of the quorum, the meeting shall stand adjourned and shall be held again as determined by the members present.
  2. The members present in a meeting of the Executive Council elect a senior member as National Coordinator from amongst them to preside at the meeting in case Convener of Executive Council is absent for what so ever of reason.
  3. Minutes of proceedings of all meetings shall be maintained in books kept for the purpose, with their pages consecutively numbered which shall be signed by the National Coordinator of the meeting.

In the absence of a meeting of the Executive Council for whatsoever reason, a resolution may be passed by circulation amongst the members who are in India and if a majority expresses their opinion in favor of the resolution, it shall be a valid resolution as if it was passed at a duly held Executive Council Meeting.


  1. The funds of the Organization and all other assets and properties movable or immovable of the Organization, shall vest in the Executive Council which shall have absolute discretion to hold and administer the same in any manner it may deem fit for the promotion of the aims and objects of the Organization.
  2. The Executive Council shall have powers to acquire and hold properties by purchase or lease, license and to lease, mortgage, sell, exchange and hypothecate the properties of the Organization and to borrow money, or any of the properties of the Organization.
  3. The Executive Council shall have powers to accept any gift of properties movable and immovable and donations in cash or kind and to obtain grants of lands and buildings and other gifts from any Government, quasi-Government Corporations, or Bodies and or any Municipal and Local Bodies in India. The Executive Council shall have power to receive gifts, donations, grants from any agency or Government or Bodies outside India after obtaining necessary permission, if any, from the appropriate authority.
  4. The Executive Council shall have powers to invest funds of the Organization in the name of the Organization in nationalized bank or in any scheduled bank or in co-operative banks in India or in Government securities and as the Body may think fit and from time to time, vary or realize such investments, and the Secretary maintain correct accounts of all transactions of the Organization.
  5. [e] The Executive Council shall have power to authorize the General Secretary to open account(s) with bank(s) and operate the funds of the Organization.


  1. The Executive Council shall cause proper books of accounts to be kept with respect to all sums of money received and expended by the Organization and the assets and liabilities of the Organization.
  2. The accounts of the Organization shall be audited annually by a qualified Chartered Accountant, who will be appointed at the Executive Council Meeting.


The official year of the Organization shall be from 1st April to 31st March.


  1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Organization once in a year, within three months of completion in the accounting year. Seven days notice of such a meeting shall be given to the eligible members, specifying the day, hour and place and agenda of the meeting.
  2. The Annual Accounts of the Organization, duly audited by the Auditors, shall be placed before the Annual General Meeting for approval and adoption.
  3. The quorum for any General Meeting, and extra-ordinary General Meeting, shall be 1/3 of members personally present.
  4. Members are not entitled to appoint proxy.
  5. A member entitled to vote has only one vote.
  6. At any General Meeting/Extra-Ordinary General Meeting a resolution put to vote shall be decided by show of hands.


The Executive Council may at any time call for an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of the Organization and at least seven day’s notice shall be given to the eligible members specifying the day, hour and place and agenda of the meeting.

The Board shall call the above meeting within one month after receipt of a requisition in writing from not less than 1/5th of the total number of eligible members of the Organization, as at the date of receipt of the requisition.

A. General Meeting may be convened after giving shorter notice than seven days, if consent is accorded thereto, by 3/4th of the members entitled to vote at any such meeting.


Organization shall constitute various branches/centers/ sub-committee throughout the country & abroad to attain the objectives of the Organization


Executive Council of the Organization shall constitute some other committee/sub-committee throughout the country & abroad to achieve the target. This sub-committee shall exercise only the rights directed by the Executive Council. Executive Council of the Organization shall have the rights to remove /cancel such committee without prior intimation.

The Books of Account and the Books containing the Minutes shall be kept at the Registered Office of the Organization and they shall be open to inspection for any member of the Organization, free of charge, during business hours.