Current Issues

Current Issues

(1.) There should be constitutional provisions and election reforms for ensuring internal democracy in all political parties

(2.) While redefining the education, there should be equal educational and health facilities for all on government expenses

(3.) Land acquisition law should be implemented forthwith after suitable amendments

(4.) Clear fixation of urban boundaries and clear division of urban and rural areas

(5.) Compulsory bank account and identity card for every citizen

(6.) With the government only as a custodian, the people should be real owner of all the natural and mineral resources

(7.) Development of national people monitoring system

(8.) Complete ban on satta and forward trading

(9.) Extensive police and administrative reforms

(10.) Cheap, accessible and fast justice

(11.) More financial empowerment of local bodies

(12.) All competitions and every kind of education in Indian languages

(13.) Clear guidelines for media/entertainment sector and pornography sites

(14.) Clear youth policy with clear provisions of unemployment eradication

(15.) The national system should also have the thinking of ‘Duties of Bureaucracy and Rights of People’.