Rajesh Goyal
( President Maulik Bharat )

Description : An arduous by nature, focused to his vision, a man of many talents, Mr. Rajesh Goyal, Founder and Director of IIP Academy has started his journey as a Photographer before two decades.

In his formative years, Mr. Rajesh Goyal took a challenge upon himself to spread a scenario with a perfect visualization of creating a world where photography can break all the barriers and reach to common people too. He worked hard for it and ultimately efforts were crowned with success.

Mr. Rajesh Goyal is a pioneer in the field of Photography Institutions. In 1991 when he earned the No.1 position in Punjab University he also didn’t know that one day he will give back to the art that fetched him worldwide accolades. But the time came in 2010 when he thought to pass on this legacy to the coming generation with a mission to make photography the art of the masses, and the outcome was excellent. This way IIP Academy had emerged

Mr. Rajesh Goyal’s fascination for photography is still the same and it reflects in his vision, “Life feels enriched with myriad experiences but photography has rewarded me with a new perspective to look at life and the world. It is my mission to impart this knowledge to the upcoming camera artists; they need to look at life with a newer perspective too.”

IIP is the best teaching portal for Photography which has not limited itself in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram only but became globalized and reached over 31 countries in a very short span of time. Regular and unique online photography courses have made its wings wider and IIP has become the No.1 photography institution. IIP can boast to be the one and only endeavor in the nation that has united people with their hobby and has revolutionized the concept of teaching photography through its regular and online courses.

Awarded with many rewards as “Excellency Award in Art and Culture – 2007”, “Creative Director of the year award”, “Photography Excellence award” and many more since 1987 to present, Mr. Goyal started IIP Foundation in 2012, an NGO to serve back to the community and to the country. IIP Foundation has target self-employability by imparting Photography and associated business knowledge in over 50,000 students by 2024, who are school dropouts, undergraduate and who have not completed their education for any other reasons.

Apart from this he has co-organized BETI BACHAO BETI PADAO, ‘Youth Development for Constructive Work and Pre-Career Guidance’ and many more serving to the society.

With the exceptional blend of creative and entrepreneurial skills of Mr. Rajesh, IIP is stepping up towards its destination which was dreamt of.

His message to everyone is: “Come and fall in love with the camera; the world awaits you!”

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Anuj Agarwal
( National General Secretary )

Description :अपने 20 बर्षों के सार्वजानिक जीवन में अनुज अग्रवाल की पहचान एक समर्पित समाजसेवी, गंभीर लेखक, प्रखर , बेबाक एवं चर्चित पत्रकार, सफल शिक्षक, राजनीतिक चिंतक और कुशल प्रबंधक के रूप में उभरी है। अपने विद्यार्थी जीवन से ही देश और समाज के सरोकारों से जुड़े अनुज जी सन् 1998 से राष्ट्रीय स्तर के संगठन कॅरियर प्लस एजुकेशनल सोसाइटी के अध्यक्ष् हें। यह संस्थान वर्तमान में सिविल व राज्य सेवाओ के साथ समूह ए, बी व सी की परीक्षाओ की तैयारी का विश्वसनीय संस्थान है। अपने दिल्ली केंद्र के साथ ही आठ अन्य शाखाओ के साथ यह संस्थान भारत सरकार के विभिन्न मंत्रालयों व अनेक राज्य सरकारों के साथ मिलकर अनुसूचित जाति, जनजाति, पिछड़े, अल्पसंख्यक एवं आर्थिक व सामाजिक रूप से पिछड़े छात्रों व युवाओ को सरकारी सेवाओ में रोजगार हेतू तेयारी कराने व राष्ट्र की मुख्य धारा में लाने का कार्य सफलतापूर्वक कर रहा है।

पिछले छः से ज्यादा बर्षों से अनुज जी एक हिंदी में राजनीतिक पत्रिका डायलॉग इंडिया के संपादक व प्रकाशक हें और आपने हाल ही में अंग्रेजी में एक उच्च श्रेणी की करियर पत्रिका भी प्रारम्भ की है। इसके साथ ही दो बेबपोर्टल भी चलाते हें। देश में भ्रष्टाचार के विभिन्न घोटाले, अनियमितता आदि की ई पत्रिकाओ के माध्यम से उठाया जाता है। देश में सुशासन, पारदर्शिता, वैकल्पिक नीतियों पर भी डायलॉग इंडिया निरंतर काम करती रहती है। पत्रिका को लीड इंडिया प्रकाशक एसोसिएशन ने सर्वश्रेष्ठ उभरते प्रकाशन का पुरूस्कार भी दिया है।

अपनी सोच को जमीन पर उतारने व देश में व्यवस्था परिवर्तन और वैकल्पिक नीतियों का खाका तैयार कर उसे जमीन पर उतारने हेतू अनेक जमीनी, राष्ट्रवादी एवं प्रबुद्ध लोगो के साथ मिलकर अनुज जी ने मौलिक भारत ट्रस्ट की स्थापना तीन बर्ष पूर्व की। इन तीन बर्षों में मौलिक भारत जमीनी स्तर पर चुनाव सुधारो, भ्रष्टाचार उन्मूलन, अश्लीलता व नशाखोरी उन्मूलन, नए नेतृत्व के विकास,वैकल्पिक एवं जनहित की नीतियों को लागू कराने में उल्लेखनीय योगदान दिया है। आज मौलिक भारत देश में सर्वाधिक विश्वसनीय संस्था के रूप में

Brief profile of Anuj Kumar Agarwal –

A prolific journalist, writer, thinker, educationist and motivator, Anuj Kumar Agarwal heads a voluntary organisation since 1998. Right from the beginning he has been socially, spiritually-oriented and always feels comfortable while serving the society.
While with the Career Plus Educational Society, He provide IAS, PCS, IFS and IES coaching and in last 18 years hundreds of students from Career Plus finally selected in Group A and Group B services. In CPES he also has been working for the students of deprived sections, and with the help of various philanthropists, social organisations and central as well as state government department his voluntary organisation imparts career-oriented training and guidance to thousands of students belonging to the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/Other Backward Classes/Minorities and Below Poverty Line category. (Details in this regard are available at( HE also get KARMVEER CHAKRA 2012 for his work by International Confederation of NGO (affiliated to UNO)

In 2009, Anuj Kumar Agarwal initiated his publication under the title ‘Dialogue India’. Presently it is a monthly news magazine in Hindi $ career magazine in English, published both in Hindi & English along with News Analysis Portal & Career portal within a very short span the ‘Dialogue India’ became the mouth piece of crusaders who are fighting against corruption and for the good governance. During the last six years, ‘Dialogue India’ exposed a series of scams one by one and indicated to wide loopholes in the system as well as the hollowness of the various political, corporate, media, bureaucratic and social activists. Side by side, the Dialogue India also constructively writes about the solution of the various problems related to corruption, good governance, democratisation of the country and the rule of law. In 2013 Lead India publishers association felicitate – Dialogue India as Best Emerging Publication in India.

At the moment, the ‘Dialogue India’ is working on evolving an appropriate ‘Vision Document’ and also the Action Plan to implement it along with some distinguish personalities, organisations, and insisting them to come together on a single platform MAULIK BHARAT ( for this objective . He is National General Secretary of Maulik Bharat Movement.

From last five years Anuj Agarwal also working on quality enhancement in higher education in India. His regular research work, analysis, insights are very valuable and always welcome by educationist and higher education institution.

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Capt. Vikas Gupta

Description :उत्तर प्रदेश के इटावा जिले में दिनांक 11 जून 1970 को जन्मे केप्टन विकास प्रगति शील , सकारात्मक एवं व्यावहारिक सोच की नयी पीड़ी के प्रतीक है वर्ष 1993 में IET लखनऊ से मेकेनिकल ने इंजीनियरिंग में डिग्री लेने के बाद केप्टन विकास ने लगभग 6 वर्ष भारतीय सेना में इंजीनियरिंग कोर में सेवा की सेना मे रहते हुये केप्टन विकास ने सेना की प्रसिद्द बम्ब डिस्पोजल कम्पनी में कार्य करने के दौरान कई बम्बो का सफलता पूर्वक डिस्पोजल किया तथा प्रधान मंत्री की सुरक्षा में भी तैनात रहे उसके बाद सेना से सेवानिवृत्ति लेकर वर्ष 2001 में संघ लोक सेवा आयोग द्वारा चयनित होने के पशचात ‍‌लगभग 4 वर्ष राजस्व सेवा में कार्य किया तथा उसके बाद वर्ष 2007 में पूर्णकालिक सामाजिक एवं राजनैतिक क्षेत्र मे सक्रीय रहने का निर्णय लिया !

पृष्टभूमि :

केप्टन विकास देश के महान स्वतंत्रता संग्राम सेनानियों के बंशज है

  • दादा स्वर्गीय सत्यदेव गुप्ता प्रसिद्द स्वतंत्रता संग्राम सेनानी रहे है तथा वर्ष 1932 एवं 1942 में फतेहगढ़ सेंट्रल जेल में रहे
  • नाना स्वर्गीय राजा राम गुप्ता प्रसिद्द स्वतंत्रता संग्राम सेनानी रहे है तथा लम्बे समय तक इटावा एवं आगरा सेंट्रल जेल में रहे
  • प्रसिद्द क्रातिकारी हरगोविंद गुप्ता जो कि काकोरी ट्रेन डकैती केस में शामिल थे वो केप्टन विकास के दादाजी के सगे ममेरे भाई थे

परिवार :
श्रीमती उर्मिला गुप्ता और श्री राजेंद्र नाथ गुप्ता के पुत्र केप्टन विकास का विवाह श्रीमती एकता गुप्ता के साथ हुआ और इनके एक पुत्री और एक पुत्र है

संघर्ष का लम्बा सफ़र :
पिछले लगभग 10 वर्षो से केप्टन विकास ने सडको पर , सरकारों से और न्यायपालिका में सफलता पूर्वक संघर्ष करते रहे है ……उनकी प्रमुख उपलब्धियों में

  • देश की सामाजिक क्षेत्र में कार्य करने वाली संस्था मौलिक भारत के प्रमुख ट्रस्टी
  • उप्र का NRHM घोटाला उजागर करने में अहम् योगदान
  • उप्र के कई बिभागो में इ-टेंडर लागू करवाने का श्रेय
  • DND टोल के भ्रष्टाचार के उजागर एवं टोल फ्री कराने जा श्रेय
  • बिल्डर माफिया के खिलाफ सतत संघर्ष
  • महिला सुरक्षा हेतु जागरूपता अभियान
  • असंगठित क्षेत्र के मजदूरों के अधिकारों हेतु संघर्ष>
  • आंध्र प्रदेश के पवार सेक्टर में हुए घोटालो को उजागर करने का श्रेय
  • नोएडा , ग्रे नोएडा एवं यमुना एक्सप्रेस-वे अथारिटी में हुए फार्म हाउस घोटाला , ग्रुप हाउसिंग घोटाला , सिटी सेंटर घोटाले को उजागर कराने का श्रेय

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Umesh gaur

Description :
Mission – As a representative organization, CCBOS articulates genuine as well as legitimate needs and interests of its members organizations/ people groups/ CVOs/ VOs/ NGOs/ Non-Profit organizations.
Its mission is to make an impact on the voluntary action policy and legislative
environment. We have a firm belief that education, health, agriculture, and environment are the critical success factors for India’s development..

Vision – Empower people so that they actively participate in the development process through which India can attain the status of ‘developed nation.’ In this process, Community-Based CVOs/VOs/NGOs/Non-Profit organizations will be the catalyst of growth for socio-economic development of the country with due regards to environment conservation.

Goal – Its main objective is to help the Central Government as well as State Governments in implementation of their projects and programmes. While looking after socio-economic development of different communities, it will make them aware of their fundamental rights. It will also take appropriate steps to increase literacy, and remove poverty by undertaking various income generating projects for different communities . The prime vision of CCBOS India is to provide basic facilities to the poor, illiterate, destitute children, women and people living under below poverty line without any discriminatory policy. CCBOS of India has taken up many projects through various NGOs who are really dedicated in their efforts. It is generally seen that many NGOs are not able to utilize the funds received from government departments in a proper manner. So, CCBOS of India has to look after the activities of such NGOs so that, they do not become black listed and the available fund with them is properly utilized. To fulfill its mission CCBOS of India has experienced members from different streams who are passionately committed to nation-building. Due to good economic policies of the present UPA

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Anant Trivedi

Description : Loughborough University
Class of 1966 · Masters in Information Systems · Chemical Engineering · Loughborough

La Martiniere College, Lucknow ( Class of 1958 )

Political Views fully accountable and transparent governance is a must

Pawan Sinha

Description :Shriguru Pawan Ji is a spiritual preceptor, motivator, philosopher, writer and an educationist. He is a ‘Sadhak’ of great Rishikul Parampara and follows the path of knowledge and purusharth. He has been practicing Sadhna since when he was eight.

He is the founder of Paavan Chintan Dhara Ashram, a spiritual organization devoted to the physical, mental and moral development of children and youth, spreading Dharma and functional spirituality, in which there are around 12000 members. His approach to understand Dharma is very scientific and logical.

He preaches that an appropriate use of the combination of Yog (a spiritual philosophy), Sadhana (including meditation) and Ayurveda can ameliorate our quality of life. His way of spirituality includes bhakti and sadhana, ideological independence, study of the self and building humane, just and equitable Nation. He says that all the incarnations of God on earth sacrificed their comforts and lived to reinvent honest, compassionate and skilled individual and a truthful society. Therefore, it is the duty of every follower of divinity to serve humanity and nation; which is the very basic principle of Dharma and Functional Spirituality as he calls it which means (in brief) to fulfill one’s duty with utmost sincerity and honesty and dedicate all achievements to God. He also preaches for a synergy and not contradiction between Science and Dharma for a life filled with mortal comforts and Peace of Mind.

He is a socio- religious reformer and noble social worker. He says “prime of all the rituals is the ritual of serving His temporal creations.” He works for the education of poor children and for them he has established ‘Rishikulshala’. His prime focus is on the solutions of mental and behavioral problems of children and youth of India. He is also running a campaign by the name of ‘Chaupaal’ to bring parents, teachers, management of schools and students together to discuss and solve the behavioral problems of students and parenting issues. He has also established a research centre called Institute for Research in Indian Wisdom (IRIW) to research in the fields of Indian Wisdom, Education, History and Traditional Health Systems.

He has given nearly 3500 episodes on Aaj Tak, Tez, Delhi Aaj Tak, Star News and India News on the issues of parenting and behavioral problems in children and youth. His daily show ‘Bharat Parv’ is very popular on India News channel in which he tells about Indian History and Culture.

Apart from this,Shriguru Pawanji is an Assistant Professor of Political Science in University of Delhi. He has many articles and books to his credit and has given numerous lectures on Dhyan Yog. Spirituality,
Parenting, Indian History etc. He is bestowed with many awards, Yuva Puraskaar (1995), Zakir Hussain Puraskaar, Jyotish Vibhushan (2016) and Maharishi Ved Vyas Rashtriya Samman of 2013-14 in the field of Education are a few to name among many. Currently he is working on the project DVDD (Defeat Vitamin D Deficiency) & Rural Children’s Health.

His formula of life is ‘Name of GOD’, ‘Thought of GOD’, Work of GOD (SEWA).

His call for everyone is परिवर्तित हो! परिवर्तन करो! {Change yourself ! Change aeon!

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Ishwar Dayal

Description : Mr. Kansal is a philanthropist & society server and he is founder of “Sanskaram” a mission having the aim of transforming a man into good human being. This project is for character building and establishing the human values in the sub-conscious of the children in such a way that adherence of value would become part of their nature. He is also publishing a monthly family magazine “SANSKARAM” with the objective to inspire the family members to make harmonious and holistic environment in their family and positive attitude among the family members. Born in a Landlord and Zamidar Aggarwal family of Western Uttar Pradesh in the year 1945.

His Father Shri Chitrsen, although a big landlord, was a renowned religious person of Western U.P. He spent entire second half of his life in social and religious services like constructing Temples and Dharamshala for poor people for their free stay, running Nitya Annakshetra for serving free food to poor people, running free dispensary etc., all from his own funds and without taking any donation from third parties. After his MAHAPRAYAN in 1996. Kansal family under the aegis of Mr. Ishwar Dayal Kansal has continued these social and religious services.

Ishwar Dayal Kansal after doing the graduation, started his own business and set up a Marketing & Distribution house and marketed the products of Protein and Processes foods, Biscuits, milk products etc. in 1973. He upgraded his business line by getting the products manufactured in the brand name of his Company and marketed them. Later on he promoted a Public Limited Company as a joint venture with a multinational company for setting up a project of manufacturing Protein and Process foods. Besides this he was also in the business of Investment and Finance.

Presently Mr. Kansal is the Managing Director in a listed Public Limited Company namely Multimedia and Entertainment Limited having a paid up capital of Rs.20,00,00,000/-. He holds majority shares in the said company. Apart from this, he is director in many other Companies

Mr. Kansal and his family is of the firm belief that entire wealth on this earth belongs to the God, and we are only a medium to earn the wealth only for the purpose of utilising the same for the welfare of universe.

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Gajender Solanki

Description :

नाम : कवि गजेन्द्र सोलंकी

जन्मतिथि : 31 दिसम्बर

माता : श्रीमती देवकी सोलंकी

पिता : स्व॰ श्री हरीचन्द सोलंकी

ईमेल :

मोबाईल : +91 9868236823, 9811137873

सामाजिक एवं साहित्यिक गतिविधियाँ

चेयरमैन – अलर्ट स्पोर्टस अकादमी

संस्थापक संयोजक – ‘शब्दांचल’ ‘अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय साहित्यिक सांस्कृतिक मंच’

आजीवन सदस्य – अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय सहयोग परिषद् (भारतवंशियों के लिए समर्पित संस्था)

उपलब्धि एवं सम्मान

सदस्य – सलाहकार समिति “केन्द्रीय फिल्म प्रमाणन बोर्ड” (फिल्म सेंसर बोर्ड – CBFC) 1999-2004

सदस्य – हिन्दी सलाहकार समिति, ‘केन्द्रीय श्रम मंत्रालय’, वर्ष – 2000-2003

वर्ष 2002 में यू॰ के॰ हिन्दी समिति लंदन द्वारा सम्मानित

वर्ष 2003 में त्रिनिडाड ( पोर्ट आफ स्पेन ) में भारतीय विद्या संस्थान द्वारा ‘युवा भूषण सम्मान’

रोटरी क्लब, लायन्स क्लब, भारत विकास परिषद् जैसी राष्ट्रीय-अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय संस्थाओं एवं क्लबों द्वारा सम्मानित

देश-विदेश में 2000 से अधिक कवि सम्मेलनों एवं सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रमों में काव्यपाठ एवं मंच संचालन के लिए प्रशंसा एवं पुरस्कार (देश के लगभग सभी प्रतिष्ठित कवि सम्मेलनों में काव्यपाठ जैसे – लाल किला, डी॰सी॰एम॰ इंडियन आयल, संगीत कला मंदिर (कोलकाता), जनता की पुकार (मुंबई) अट्हास, पातञ्जलि योग पीठ आदि |

(‘रेडियो, दूरदर्शन एवं अनेक चैनलों से काव्य प्रस्तुति जैसे अर्ज़ किया है’ – एन॰ डी॰ टी॰ वी॰ इण्डिया , ‘वाह-वाह’– सब टी॰ वी॰ , साधना, आस्था एवं अन्य कई चैनल जैसे संस्कार , प्रज्ञा, लाइव इंडिया , दूरदर्शन , आल इंडिया रेडियो , रेडियो बी बी सी लन्दन, रेडियो सबरंग (डेनमार्क) ,पतंजलि योगपीठ (हरिद्वार) , हिंदी महोत्सव ( हिंदी यू.एस.ए.), अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हिंदी समिति (यू.एस.ए.) अग्रवाल समाज (यू.एस.ए.)

सर्जनात्मकता एवं रचनाधर्मिता

स्वरचित गीत-कविताओं का संग्रह ‘क्रांति कलश’, ‘भोर की किरण’ और ‘मन का पंछी’ आदि प्रकाशित |

दर्शन, प्रकृति, देशभक्ति, राजनीति, समाज, शिक्षा, धर्म, अध्यात्म, आदि समसामयिक एवं सार्वभौमिक विषयों पर लगभग 400 से अधिक गीतों, कविताओं, छंदों, मुक्तकों आदि की रचना।

कैसेट एवं सी॰ डी॰ ‘क्रांति कलश’ , ‘स्वदेश की पुकार’, ‘भारतीय चेतना के स्वर ’, ‘अंगारे लिख जाता हूं‘ एवं ‘स्वर्ण जयंती गुंजन’ में काव्य प्रस्तुति एवं गीतों की संगीतमय प्रस्तुति |

कैनवस पर रीयलिज्म आधारित 40 से अधिक तैल चित्रों का निर्माण |

विदेश यात्राएं

वर्ष 2009 अगस्त- सितम्बर आस्ट्रेलिया- सिडनी, कैनबरा, मेलबर्न, ब्रिस्बेन में आयोजित कविसम्मेलनों काव्यपाठ

वर्ष 2009 : अमेरिका – न्यूजर्सी, मे हिन्दी(यू.एस.ऐ.)द्वारा आयोजित आंठवें हिन्दी महोत्सव कवि सम्मेलन – में मंच संचालन एवम् काव्य पाठ

वर्ष 2008 : अन्तराष्ट्रीय हिंदी (यू.एस.ऐ.) समिति (अमेरिका ) – द्वारा आयोजित कवि सम्मेलन में मंच संचालन एवम् काव्य पाठ । डेलस ,मिडलैंड , डेटन(ओहायो ), टेक्सास, नेशविल ,शिकागो ,वॉशिंगटन डी.सी. ,राले , ह्यूस्टन ,मिशिगन , बोस्टन , न्यूयार्क ,ओकोहामा ,टोरंटो ,क्लीवलैंड (कनाडा) में आयोजित कवि सम्मेलनो का संचालन एवं काव्य पाठ ।

वर्ष 2007 : अमेरिका – न्यूजर्सी, मे आयोजित छ्ठे हिन्दी(यू.एस.ऐ.) महोत्सव में आयोजित कवि सम्मेलन में मंच संचालन एवम् काव्य पाठ । अटलांटा, नेशविल, बर्मिघम, लास एन्जलिस, सैन फ्रांसिस्को में आयोजित कवि सम्मेलनो का संचालन एवं काव्य पाठ ।

वर्ष 2005 : अमेरिका – न्यूजर्सी, ह्यूस्टन, वशिंगटन डी॰ सी॰, राले (कैरोलिना), अटलांटा, न्यूयार्क, में आयोजित कवि सम्मेलनों का संचालन एवं काव्य पाठ ।

वर्ष 2004 : नेपाल – भारतीय उच्चायोग नेपाल द्वाराकाठमांडू एवं वीरगंज में आयोजित हिन्दी नेपाली कविसम्मेलनों में काव्य पाठ

वर्ष 2003 : त्रिनिडाड (पोर्ट आफ स्पेन) में आयोजितकवि सम्मेलनों एवं गोष्ठियों में काव्य पाठ।

वर्ष 2003 : सूरीनाम (पैरामैरिबो) में आयोजित ‘सातवें विश्व हिन्दी सम्मेलन’ में भारत सरकार की ओर से प्रतिनिधित्व एवं सम्मेलन में आयोजित अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय कवि सम्मेलन काव्य पाठ।

वर्ष 2002 : फ्रांस यात्रा-पेरिस में आयोजित कवि सम्मेलन में काव्य पाठ।

बी॰ बी॰ सी॰ लंदन में काव्य पाठ, भारतीय उच्चायोग लंदन द्वारा आयोजित कवि सम्मेलन में काव्य पाठ।

वर्ष 2002 : यू॰ के॰ (ब्रिटेन) यात्रा – लंदन, बर्मिंघम, यार्कशायर, मानचेस्टर में आयोजित कवि सम्मेलनों में काव्य पाठ


मंचीय हिन्दी कवि एवम् मंच संचालक के रूप में लगभग 15 वर्षो का अनुभव (स्कूल, कालेज आदि लगभग 2000 से भी अधिक मंचों में काव्य पाठ एवम् मंच संचालन )

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Dr. Amar Nath Ojha

Description : I am a social activist. I got my Ph.D. in Mathematics from B.H.U., Varanasi in 1992. I have been living in Delhi since 1994. I was born in Buxar Bihar. I am the founder and president of Lok Swabhimaan (N.G.O.) which is working for the rights and degnity of the people. lok swabhimaan has been running a helpline in which we are facilitating to the people of economically weaker sections for admission of their children in public school and free treatment in private hospital. Our organisation has taken an initiative to ensure each person has election I card. we also work on child labour issue.

Susajjit Kumar

Description : Trying to retain the meaning of ‘Su-sajjit’ in our materialistic world .

Individuality, Community, Society, Nationality, Humanity. all are calling you Just catch any or all of them for Great Salvation

Mewar University Asst. Director, Research · Chittorgarh, India

Delhi University Assistant Professor · 2011 to 2013 · New Delhi, India

CCS University, Meerut, UPLeft in 2002 · Saharanpur MSc Zoology

Smt. Usha Thakur

Description :The 58 year-old resident of Sector-31, Usha is the daughter of famous TV anchor Shiv Sagar Mishra and grand daughter of great Hindi poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. In her sphere of social activism, Usha had blown the lid on the infamous Nithari killings and exposed the Noida auto loan scam.

Usha was the first lady who exposed the gruesome killings of Nithari. In January 2006, the Rimpa Halder missing case was reported and then parents of other missing children started coming to Usha’s home for help. When she lodged a police complaint on behalf of Rimpa Haldar’s mother only then the Noida police started searching for missing children and the entire racket came to light.

Usha has been attacked a number of times by anti- social elements. But she never felt the need to step back and take it easy in life. Perhaps this is what is making her more popular day by day.

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Neeraj Saxena

Description : Former Advocate and Yoga Insructor (Non Professional) at Advocate

Studied at M M H College Ghaziabad, Meerut University
Past: Kendriya Vidyalaya, Air Force Station Hindan

Lives in Ghaziabad, From Ghaziabad, India

Sh.Sudesh Agarwal

Description :

Col. Devender Sehrawat

Description : Colonel Sehrawat has been commonly called as ‘Janta ka Sipahi’. He has protexted people as a soldier……he has voiced people as a journalist, he has helped as a social activist…..He has guided as a leader. He has been working for Farmers’ rights since he quit his position in Indian Army as colonel. Since then his dedication and commitment is getting stronger day by day, to make this country a comfortable and happier place for all.

Dr Sunil Maggu

Description :

Father’s Name : Gulshan Rai Maggo

Date of Birth : 26th January, 1961

Place of Birth : Delhi

Marital Status : Married

Spouse’s Name : Dr Seema Suneel

No. of Sons : 1

No. Of Daughters : 1

Educational Qualification : B. Com (H), F.C.A., Ph.D., LL.B., M.B.A

Permanant Address : आरोहण, 297, Bank Enclave

Mobile: 9891415989, 9311166673

Professional Positions Held

Director Indian Institute of Merchant Banking

Director Delhi Financial Corporation (Aug 2011 to Apr 2013)

Convener Was Convener of the Co-operative Societies Study Group of NIRC of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India during 1987-1988

Was Convener of the Cultural Committee of NIRC of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 1987-1988

Convener Was Convener of the Insurance Study Group of NIRC of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 1987-1988, 1995-1996 and 1996-97

Convener Was Convener of Bank Enclave Study Circle from 1989-90 to 1992-93

Was Convener of the Banking Study Group of Northern India Regional Council of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India from 1993-94 to 2000-01

Member Was a member of Central Direct Taxes Advisory Committee

Member Was a co-opted of the Ethical Standards Committee for Unjustified Removal of Auditor of the Institute of Charted Accountants of India in 1992-1993

Member Special Invitee to the Profession Development Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 2008-09

Member Student Welfare Committee of NIRC of the Institute of Charactered Accountants of India in 1992-1993

Member Income Tax Bar Room Committee from 1992-93 to 1995-96

Member Acadamic Council of Ishan Institute of Management Technology.

AdvisorACPL (Arohan Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) A multipurpose consultancy company.

Social and Cultural Activities

Chairman RL Puri Charitable Trust

Chairman GR Mago Memorial Trust

Deputy ChairmanChiniot Biradri

President Bank Enclave Club

President Association of Professionals

Patron ARTH Society for the Welfare of Mankind

Patron Sahyog for Rehabilitation and Development

Patron Tarannum Kala Sangam

Member Human Rights Association

Member All People Welfare Front

Member India Association for Canadian Studies

Member Bank Enclave Residents Welfare Association

Other Activities

Delivered lectures and talks in the conferences and seminars held by Northern India Regional Council of Institute of Charactered Accountants of India and Delhi Insurance Institute

Replied to reader’s queries as Tax Guru in famous newspaper Inside Story

Has recorded many bhajans in the albums

    Jai Bajrang Vishaal

    Jai Jai Shree Shani Dev

    Sai ke Gun Gaye Ja

Has written many hindi poems and ghazals

Is a numerologist and provides guidence and consultancy to bureaucrats, politicians, celebrities and corporates

Has won many Chess Tournaments at all levels

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Sh.Rakesh Agarwal

Description :

Rakesh Agarwal
( Director and CEO at Magic Sewa Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi Area, IndiaTransportation/Trucking/Railroad )

A social entrepreneur and a social activist.

Founder, owner and CEO of the company which is engaged in providing taxi and auto services through mobile app and call centre.

Secretary ( Nyayabhoomi )

April 2002 – Present (14 years 9 months)New Delhi Area, India

A social organization working on fundamental governance reforms.

Sh.Prashant Patel

Description : जींदगी की असली उड़ान अभी बाकी है हमारे इरादों का इम्तीहान अभी बाकी है। अभी तो नापी है सीर्फ मुट्ठी भर ज़मीन आगे सारा आसमान अभी बाकी है ॥

मातृभूमि! तेरे चरणों में पहले ही मैं अपना मन अर्पित कर चुका हूं। देश सेवा में ईश्वर सेवा है, यह मानकर मैंने तेरी सेवा के माध्यम से भगवान की सेवा की..

जो भी व्‍यक्ति आसिन्‍धु सिन्‍धु पर्यन्‍त इस भारत भूमि को अपनी मातृभूमि, पितृभूमि तथा पुण्‍य भूमि स्‍वीकार करता है वह प्रत्‍येक व्‍यक्ति हिन्‍दू है।

आसिन्‍धु सिन्‍धु पर्यन्‍ता, यस्‍य भारत भूमिका

पितृभू: पुण्‍ययू: श्‍चैव स वै: हिन्‍दू रिति स्‍मृत:।

-वीर सावरकर

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Sh. Ranveer Sharma

Description :
“चलते रहने से ही सफलता है, रुका हुआ तो पानी भी बेकार हो जाता है।”

“अच्छी सोच, अच्छी भावना, अच्छा विचार मन को हल्का करता है।”

“मुसीबत सब पर आती है, कोई बिखर जाता है और कोई निखर जाता है।”

Dr Kamal Taori

Description : Dr. Kamal Taori, IAS (Retd.)Chairman, International Institute for Holistic Research and Voluntary Action (India-Europe),
Rural Business Hub India (RBHI), Action Group for Good Governance (AGGG)

I have worked as a non-confirmist civil servant in most unwanted assignments and enjoyed those postings. The “uselss “were converted to” used -less “and then marketing the unmarketed bacame the passoin.

The fulfilment,challanges of time, rising aspirations of the masses, compulsons of globalisation and imperative of localisation etc opened new field of Holistic development and when linked up with climate change, a new business opportunity emerges. But all this need a openness and full use of IT with leadership. The networking for win win is the main goal now in life . Working with German private ltd coy for speed and impact which is replicable/holistic.

Specialties: Networking for holistic analysis and marketing the unmarketed, IT and village planning, inclusive growth, win win for all, decentralisation,convergence viable enterprises development with MIS , training and consultancy for win win for most difficult assignments.Involving all uninvolved by networking and using all unused or underused. Difficult assingments are most welcome for a team led from Germany.


We work for viable investment opportunites in the rural areas.
The emphasis is on net-working and learning from the doers . Training and consultancy is our line. We believe in Gandhi, Vinoba and Hind Swaraj for facing the challenges of globalisation.Self-employment and holistic planning with documentin are our priority

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Sh Pradeep gandhi

Description : Pradeep Gandhi (born 26 December 1964) is an Indian politician and a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) political party. He was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India, representing the Rajnandgaon constituency of Chhattisgarh[1].