1. Focusing in all areas of lives means targeting for the totality i.e. all kind of systems, resources, services etc. must be corrected & productive aiming to the human welfare.

2. Coordinating selfless & committed peoples of different areas, capacities, styles and nature to create a force of indelible impression for the society, country and humanity.

3. Work with all noble qualities by ignoring the illness of caste, creed, greed, region, religion, ego, jealous, status etc.

4. Managing flexible and relevant platform to cooperate peoples & organizations for identical purposes maintaining independency.

5. Believes and inventing new kind of tools, technology and measures to create a desired kind of system and its impact.

6. Time bound establishment of national network and quick response collectively.

7. Proper internal management with least resources but for huge achievement.

8. Thinking globally and acting practically at local & national level to realize Indian global vision of Vishva Guru.