Whither Pakistan? Worth noting………………

Where are the Pakistanis, and what next for Pakistan?

Do you know where are the Pakistanis living presently?

The answer to the question lies In firstly understanding who exactly are the Pakistanis.

Pakistan consists of provinces like the Punjab, the Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwah and the occupied territories of the J&K. But the ‘Pakistanis’; who actually matter consist of only the Muslim Punjabis. These are the people who control every asset of Pakistan and form the Army who owns the nation.

The population of all other provinces is living in abject poverty and continue existing in exactly the same hovels as was given to them at the time of India’s partition seventy years ago. These are the unfortunate people who serve the Punjabi lords as slaves and are used as the cannon fodder by the Pakistan terror network all over the world.

For these poor people an assured sum after the death and the scriptured promise of seventy two virgins is a good enough reason to exist and to die in the name of their ideology.

Travel through the length and breadth of that dysfunctional nation and you will realise that there is no infrastructure and people are living at mere subsistence levels.

The ‘ Mohajirs’ who went after the partition from the UP and Bihar had mostly settled in and around Karachi. Some of them have done well in business and have moved on while many found it convenient to return to India and settle down in their old towns. Their loyalty albeit remains with their ‘ nation of rejection’ .

So where are the Punjabis of Pakistan living?

These inheritors and usurpers of the new nation of Pakistan, having acquired immense wealth, initially tried to settle down in any of the Muslim nations in the middle East, Saudi Arabia being the first choice and Dubai being the second. Unfortunately, these Arab nations never accept the non-Arab Muslim as the real Muslims. The Arabs give no rights to these migrants who are colloquially referred to as ‘Hindu -Converts’ and thus lower caste/ heathen Muslims.

Thus these Punjabi Muslims, having made money and having taken advantage of the easy migration rules of the western nations, have shifted in very large numbers to the UK, the USA and Canada. The concentration of these Muslim immigrants from Pakistan is in the coastal towns of the North America in the States of Nova Scotia-Halifax, Quebec, Alberta. Ontario, Winnipeg in Canada. In the USA the Punjabi Muslim community is mostly in New York, the area around Los Angeles- California and Texas.

The UK is slowly but definitely changing its demographic content and it is a matter of time when even the queen will have to wear a Hijab.The host countries are very accommodating and the migrants get all the rights of citizens. Visit these places and one can see exact replica of the towns of Lahore, Rawalpindi or Faisalabad.

And now arises the question about the future of Pakistan. It’s not for nothing that the Punjabi Muslim community has sold off the nation to the Chinese. The CPEC will see over a Crore of Chinese moving into Pakistan controlling it’s very administration as well as all it’s infrastructure. Baluchistan is a virgin territory with very sparse population. ‘ Not a blade of grass grows there’ and the Punjabi Muslim has no love lost for the nation of the Baluch. They also have no loyalty towards any other constituent of Pakistan. All have been used and thrown; the Punjabis have made their money and for them the time is here to ditch the nation of Pakistan.

For these Pakistanis, the war was never about the religion. It was always about money and power. The country can now go to the drug lords, other dogs or yes- the Chinese.

There is an unease among the general population who is getting left behind. There is unease also among those Muslims of the sub-continent who were betting on that nation in the name of their religion and suddenly see themselves standing with the losers. The two nation theory, in any case, was not about the religion. It was a ploy for some people to inherit the divided portions of India so that they could become what they did.

Yes! Millions were slaughtered and many millions were displaced. Such a scenario is looming large on the horizon once again.
India had better be prepared for a mass exodus from the lands of Indus to the land of the Ganges.

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