Postal cash-receipts should carry stickers for users of postal-services as well

Presently system at Department of Posts is to issue computer-printed cash-receipts where the portion used by Department of Posts has sticker while the portion given to consumer is without sticker. Department of posts for convenience of users of postal-services should have sticker also in the portion given to the consumers so that they may not require gum at their end to affix it on their despatch-registers or documents etc. It will be benefit to public-exchequer also presently appreciable man-hours and gum are utilised by various public-authorities to paste postal cash-receipts on their despatch-registers.

Department of Posts will not be burdened extra because even presently one of the dual-portion of same cash-receipt still has sticker on back for the portion kept by Department of Posts itself. Rather ultimately it may be economical and convenient to print computer-stationery for issuing postal cash-receipts if sticker is there on complete dual-portion of cash-receipts rather than on single portion only.


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